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These are information regarding the Pogo game's Terms of Use. This website has specific laws and policies to collect information and protect our users.

With Pogo games, we have detailed the terms of use that users must read carefully before using. These include a series of general and private rules that are created by us, the people who build this website. The purpose of this is to help all users around the world have a fair experience with Pogo popular games.

We welcome all players who are passionate about skating games and should read all of the following to avoid violating our usage policies.

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Terms of Pogo games

We encourage everyone to carefully review these terms. Simply put, when you visit our website, it means that you have tacitly agreed to the binding terms that we offer. We also cannot be responsible for the users’ violations due to not reading these terms carefully.


Our Pogo games unblocked have a system that collects user data that includes basic information and uses it for the benefit of our users. Specifically, these facts will tell us what to do to improve our service and the player’s experience.

Of course, we have a duty and a responsibility to protect our customers’ privacy policy at all costs. All users will be equipped with tools to self-manage, change or delete their personal data on our platform.

In addition, you can directly ask us to delete your data on the system via email.


We, website owners, will communicate with users primarily through email. Therefore, if there is any problem that needs to answer, we are always ready to answer you via our email about Pogo games.

Some rules of conduct on our website:

  • We need you to commit that you will not take advantage of our website for malicious purposes.
  • You need to cooperate with us in the event of fraud and illegal activity.
  • All users are prohibited from using words that are inciting, violent, affect freedom of religion, and racism. We will permanently ban such accounts from our website if found out.

Internet required

All games on our website require an internet connection. Please check your internet connection carefully before you play our games.

User account

When setting up an account on this website, you need to be sure and responsible for your information. We are not responsible for any subjective leakage of information on your part.

License and Website Access

All users around the world have cable licenses to access our website. However, you are not allowed to illegally alter or download our games.

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