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These are information regarding to Pogo games privacy policy. This website collects user information for a legitimate purpose and in many popular ways.

About Pogo games, we offer many online games to all users. If you play a Pogo game online, we encourage you to read through this post to know what data about users will be collected. Your privacy is always concerned and And our policy is to keep them carefully.

The privacy policy, together with terms of use of Pogo games will give the user details about what data will be collected and what we will do with it.

Please read our privacy policy carefully follow under list:

  • What information Pogo games collects
  • Why Pogo games collects your information
  • What information we are not allowed to collect
  • How We Protect Your Information
  • Cookies
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What information Pogo games collects

The information we accumulate relies upon what Services you use and how you use them. There are five type of information wecollect:

  • The metrics when you participate in the games and services of the site. Whenever your optional parameters and parameters related to the game you play
  • Basic information such as email address, name, date of birth, and other basic information when you register as a member of our website
  • In addition, other secondary information is also collected automatically by us such as IP address, country, the time zone. Relates browser-to-game settings and interactions.
  • Information based on your behavior on our website such as online/offline time, games played, length of time played, and other behavior while playing the game may be collected by our website.
  • 3rd party information, specifically from Facebook, will additionally be possibly accrued through us. We may also acquire and shop non-public and non-personal information supplied through the users by third parties, together with your name ib FB, your picture in public settings, FB ID, and other public information of users’ friends.

Why Pogo games collects your information

  • To serve users in our online services.
  • Helps quickly solve user problems with the service when they arise.
  • To react to the entirety of your requests and to help your solicitations, send your requests to our email address.
  • To assist us with acquiring clients.
  • For publicizing purposes.
  • To stop trick and criminal behavior.

What information we do not collect

Information of children not younger than 13 will not relate to our website.

How We Protect Your Information

All users are furnished with loads of techniques to access, manage, change, and delete their data gathered by us. For more data and help with this, you can send your requests to us through our email address.


Cookies are a series of information store in a browser from which we may collect information. Because it is an easy-to-use tool and is very useful for website owners to help optimize our website.


We do all of our technical requirements to ensure high levels of safety on our website. We always prevent any abuse and infringement or modification of your personal information. Confidential information such as IDs and passwords are only allowed by the website’s operator.

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