Totemia Cursed Marble

About Totemia Cursed Marble

Totemia: cursed marble game is fascinating if you want to play puzzles and practice your brain at the same time. So you can try it know to know how it works.

Totemia: cursed marble is a Pogo puzzle game. Moreover, this is really interesting and makes you indulge in it by playing a compound shooting game in it. You have to shoot the bubbles with various colors into the line bubbles. In this line, they already have two or more bubbles having the same colors. The Totemia: cursed marble unblocked game is a puzzle and also has inspiration from the original Zuma game. Each level has a required level for you to pass. So you have to clear the lines of bubbles as fast as you can and get the highest score to pass the level.

With the basic gameplay, people can control the gun by switching the mouse, then click the left button on the mouse to shoot it. The more bubbles you gun down, the more scores you earn. If you can not clear the line bubbles in time, you will be lost. You will have to try that level again and again, until you reach the required score.

How to play

Using your mouse to switch the gun. Shoot the color bubble to match it as much as you can in a limited time and destroy the line of bubbles

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