Super Lule Mario

About Super Lule Mario

Super Lule Mario unblocked is a game inspired by the classic Mario game. So, you will become a funny military guy and have a mission to rescue his wife from the dungeon.

The image of Mario guy is too familiar to you, right? But you will see a new look of him when you play Super Lule Mario free online. It is a simple but addictive adventure game because of its diverse game context and attractive action style. You must defeat the villains to overcome the difficult stages and unlock new levels. But simply move and jump to collect gold coins and overcome the enemies on your way. New stages will open up and it will lead to the location of Lule’s wife’s captivity. Help him complete the mission as soon as possible to get maximum score in Super Lule Mario for kids.

You will have a few lives to continue your journey after making a mistake. But don’t do it too many times or you’ll have to stop and start over. The adventure journey where the dark dungeon with dozens of dangerous obstacles will make you feel confused. But the loot is awesome with gold coins and loads of other fun in this HTML5 game.

How to play

Move with the arrow keys, while clicking “space” to jump over the obstacles

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