Subway Surfers

About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a free playfield for those who are looking for good kid games online. Now, you must run faster than the police if you don’t want him to catch you.

Subway Surfers is an escape game about a talented boy

Once you play Subway Surfers online, you will give the protagonist a hand. So, he is able to avoid the man chasing him and you will win. Meanwhile, it will be a fun and difficult run. Therefore, you should prepare for showing your ability to dodge obstacles.

Subway Surfers game online for kids is full of power-ups and dangerous barriers

To conquer Subway Surfers high score, you need to move as long as possible. And, it means that you will have to master the best way to turn to the left and right or jump or slide. Hence, the chase cannot capture you.

Especially, you can gather gold coins and collect more with a magnet. Besides, it’s easy to fly in a short time when you loot a booster. Moreover, you will speed up if you own a hoverboard.

Let’s explore the Subway Surfers game and win the race!

How to play

Move your protagonist with the arrow keys.

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