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About Spider Solitaire

Pogo Spider Solitaire unblocked will test your patience in classic card games. Find and match the same cards to clear all cards and score points on the leaderboard.

This game is quite easy to play but has a great attraction. Your task is to clear the cards on the screen with smart matches. There are hidden columns of cards and you need to clear them all to pass the level. If you complete it the fastest, you will set a new record on the online leaderboard.

Initially, you can choose the game scene from a range of options. It can be beach, hill and more with colorful landscape. After that, you will click on level 1 to immediately enter a fun game screen. You just have to click on two identical cards to clear them and flip a new card, simple right?

But you also need a wise strategy to play this Pogo single player game. You can flip cards from an existing deck, but match the same cards on the columns first. The number of cards in the deck is limited and you need to buy more if you run out of flips.

Level after level, you must conquer the cards that come your way. But the next challenge will be harder than the previous level, so you will need to play longer. Furthermore, when unlocking a new level, you can unlock a new scene. Lots of interesting places are available for adventure in this game.

Don’t miss the Pogo Solitaire card game to enjoy the classic levels. Simple gameplay, diverse backgrounds and playful music are what will draw you in. There are hundreds of thousands of plays here and you will be next.

How to play

Click on the same cards to clear them and score points.

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