Pogo Spades HD

Pogo Spades HD is a four-player card game. If you estimate tricks correctly and gain enough 500 points before the other team, you and your partner will win the game.

Spades HD is a high-quality Pogo card game with multiple players

It is one of the Pogo HD games online that can make you happy. In the current challenge, you will cooperate with another guy and compete with a strange group. The goal is to collect 500 points first.

Pogo Spades HD game and guides to complete rounds

In the free Pogo Spades game that you connect, two groups will play against each other to triumph over tricks of 4 cards. And, each player will own one. Thus, you can achieve that by getting the card with the highest value in each set.

When you use 13 tricks, the team’s score will depend on the total number of tricks. Additionally, they are tricks that the machine will compare to what the team bid. Hence, you’ll beat the rival if your score is 500 or higher.

Pogo Spades HD game is a special Pogo card multiplayer online competition. Explore its gameplay and master its rules now!

How to play

Play cards in-game with your buddy by using the mouse button on the left-hand side.

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