About Smiles

Smiles is a game designed quite simply with the choice of emoticons. Currently, you can play Smiles game for free in many different browsers to enjoy the great relaxation it offers.

Smiles unblocked is designed with simple but colorful 2D drawings and is quite eye-catching. Smiles online are characters that represent our everyday emotions. From a yellow, orange, or blue excitement to the fear of a green icon. And Smiles game seems purple is our feeling when something goes wrong. Your main task in this kid game is to quickly collect those emojis in the shortest time. And you notice there will be a character with a red face with an eye-catching wreath on his head. But don’t choose it. If you choose it by mistake more than 3 times then the game will be over and you lose. Don’t think such a simple rule will make you bored quickly, it will make you feel excited.

How to play

Use the mouse to click and select all emoticons and avoid choosing angry faces

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