Skate Hooligan

About Skate Hooligan

Skate Hooligan unblocked is a game that you will go along with your character into a rush and survive from the chasing of a policeman. Help your character as best as you can!

You can play this Skate Hooligan HTML5 game. This is in the type of survival game. It is about a small hooligan play with his ball and broke the window. A policeman saw it and tried to catch him. However, our character wants to escape from him by running as far as he can. However, he needs to go over the objects lying on the road. You will go with this boy through the narrow streets, the road full of traffic.

Remember to collect coins and effects on the road to help him run far away from the police who run after him. The farther he goes, the faster he runs, so you have to concentrate on controlling him. If your character slams into somethings or falls on the way running, he will be caught immediately. So you have to control him not to shoot into any objects on the road or else he will be caught by the police. Skate Hooligan is now free to play on Web Browser.

How to play

Using the WASD key or the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the boy to move or swipe to collect the coins. Moreover, you need to keep him run away from the man.

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