About Robo-Cat

Robo-Cat is a role-playing game for kids. The game will lead you on the journey of a Robocat overcoming obstacles to reach the finish line. You can play Robo-Cat online free on different browsers.

The graphics of the Robo-Cat game are quite simple. Includes a robo cat, monster robo and obstacles along the way. Robo-Cat for kids uses 2D images with minimalistic brushstrokes. The main color gamut that the game uses is the contrasting colors that attract and highlight the game’s characters. In the game, you will transform into the cat Robo to overcome the obstacles to finish. At the same time, you will have to collect as many small golden cat heads along the way as much as possible to raise your score. Robo-Cat unblocked will have many levels with increasing difficulty. Can you overcome all those obstacles and achieve a big score in the game? It is this challenge that will make the player attractive. Robo-Cat will help you relax and have great experiences.

How to play

Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to control the cat to collect the cat’s head and overcome obstacles to reach the finish line.

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