RISK: Pogo Domination

RISK: Pogo Domination is a new and special Pogo board multiplayer online game. Before controlling the world, you must use units to attack lands and capture them.

RISK: Pogo Domination brings a classic match with some updates

In the present game, you can find a few features like the Pogo Phlinx game for example, the military units that you’re going to lead. More importantly, you’ll be able to collect bonus points after finishing particular missions. Especially, you should make use of your abilities to beat your opponents.

RISK: Pogo Domination is a game where you perform many activities

First of all, you will send your units to the target area when you begin to play RISK Pogo Domination online on browsers. After that, soldiers will automatically hit the enemy. Besides, you should protect and fortify your base to survive and make your territory larger.

RISK Pogo Domination game will provide you with various game modes and unique items. So, you will have to fulfill your challenges to get points and make your troops stronger if you want to conquer the current map!

How to play

Roll the dice and send units by using your mouse.

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