Police Escape

About Police Escape

You can become a naughty boy running away from the police when you play Police Escape online. So, don’t let the police catch you, but try to get valuable items on the way.

This is a great arcade game online to test your agility on the track. A chase begins between the police and a boy, so can you get out of this situation? It’s like a marathon where the track won’t stop when there’s a winner. You will overcome the police chase and collect the loot or accept defeat. But you have plenty of help along the way, as long as you know how to take advantage of them.

Police Escape unblocked will unlock new levels as you pass a level. So if you want to explore more, you have to work hard in each run. There are a lot of items on your way, but you shouldn’t take them all. Because picking up items will make you run slower, and the police will soon catch up with you. Consider taking what’s needed and avoiding other items by jumping. Besides, you can’t speed up when running unless you pick up an item that boosts speed. Now you can play this HTML5 game and many more exciting games on your tablet, phone or computer.

How to play

Left click or W to move forward, while click “Space” to jump

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