Pokemon Tower Defense 2

About Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Cartoon is the sequel to Pokemon Tower Defense. Take part in the new Pogo strategy game online and show your talent to lead a troop of powerful Pokémon so they will help your friend, the scientist, prevent monsters from stealing Rare Candies! Maybe the plan of them has not stopped since the first chapter ends. Before the first wave comes, you need to set up a protective system. It must include the strongest warriors. Additionally, do not forget to drop them into the best location! The right position will allow them to block the target sooner. Play Pokemon Tower Defense 2 unblocked free you can capture and evolve them. They will bring back to you several ultimate powers. Each level will give you different challenges. Are you willing to involve in that amazing battle and wipe out every enemy? It’s time to prove your talent and conquer every stage! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse button to place down warriors

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