Pogo Zuma’s Revenge

About Pogo Zuma’s Revenge

Pogo Zuma’s Revenge is one of the must-play Puzzle Single Player games online. It features an Arcade style with a lot of action packed. As you know, Zuma game has evolved in many ways, and with this edition, you will earn a huge amount of fun. In this title, like other Pogo games online, you will experience many rounds and in each round, you must kill the boss with all of his minions for a chance of ruling the land. You have to aim and shoot stone spheres accurately to wipe out the deadly stream of balls. Make sure you will not cause any mistakes, or else the stream will get longer, making it harder to destroy it. You need to make as many matches as possible and quickly beat the tiki bosses. There are 5 kinds of power-ups that will help you triumph in this Zuma’s Revenge free Pogo game. Think you can beat all levels and complete the game? Give it a shot now!

How to play

Aim and shoot the spheres using the mouse.

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