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About Pogo Word Whomp HD

Pogo Word Whomp HD game online is an amazing Single Player title in which you need to collect as many words as possible. Aside from playing without charge, you or any people will have the chance to enjoy at school or home because it is a challenge unblocked. Are you willing to check out and upgrade your spelling ability?

Hop into the playfield of Word Whomp HD HTML5 and get ready to make use of your own skills smartly! Before you complete the stage and level up, you should not forget to form six letters in the proper method. Watch out! You can lose if you do not know how to fulfill your job in the shortest time. Keep an eye on the clock! Once you are successful, you will be able to help Nestor the gopher head towards bigger bonuses. If you are stuck when you involve in Word Whomp HD, you can choose the Mix Up button so materials will be rearranged at random. It is a good way to search for the next target easier. Besides, there is an important rule that requires every participant to form at least 3 characters in length. Moreover, they must not be proper names, abbreviations or contractions.

How to play

  • Use buttons and letter tiles or the keyboard to form words
  • Press backspace to undo, Enter to submit, Space to mix up
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