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About Pogo Vaults of Atlantis Slots

Do you want to know about the level of your luckiness in Club Pogo Vaults of Atlantis Slots – one of the best Pogo Casino Slot games that is free to play? This Pogo Flash Game opens a new adventure for you. In this title, you will help Tex unlock the vaults of Atlantis Slots by creating many winning combinations. There are many treacherous obstacles hindering your way, you must elude all of the deadly creatures, otherwise, your tokens will be taken back to the vaults. When you line up at least three treasure chests, the vaults will be unlocked. You can also help Tex VCarter reach the bonus game by matching three Vault symbols. Keep in mind that the danger lurks everywhere in the depths of the ocean, you have to surpass all of them and help your character achieve his goal! Let’s give it a go now and see how far you can progress!

How to play

Interact with the in-game objects using the mouse.

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