Pogo Solitaire Blitz

Pogo Solitaire Blitz is a stimulating option for fans of card Pogo games. It brings a thrilling experience because you will help a captain collect missing treasures.

Free discover Pogo Solitaire Blitz, a unique and new unblocked game, and search for forgotten treasures

When you play Pogo Solitaire Blitz free online, you will be able to explore islands in the Caribbean as a pirate captain. However, your ship will only move to another location once you win in the present Pogo solitaire free game.

Solitaire Blitz is a free Pogo solitaire game with fast gameplay

In which, you should quickly find out and gather treasures. Not only that, it’s possible to experience a game within 60 seconds. Especially, don’t skip powers to advance faster! Actually, each of them is useful.

Therefore, you need to connect long card runs. As well, you will select higher or lower cards rapidly to set up the complete pile before clearing them from the screen.

Solitaire Blitz Pogo game offers many special quests and different scenes from the Island of Atlantis. Let’s start and gain 2 Badges with every valuable item in events!

How to play

Manage cards in-game with your Left mouse.

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