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About Pogo Phlinx II

Pogo Phlinx II places you in an epic Phlinx adventure in which you will discover a long-lost Egyptian paradise to find and uncover a lot of ancient secrets. Pogo Phlinx II is one of the best HML5 games on Pogo with single-player gameplay. When you start it out, you will have to go gather a lot of glyphs that help create a path leading you to the pyramids, temples, as well as gates of every God. But before collecting glyphs, you can to free the treasure chests to unlock them. You must aim, shoot, then bounce your stones to make a lot of matches. Through over time, you need to increase the level of glyphs when you step further deeper into various places, like tombs, temples, etc. Each level has its own objective that needs to be completed. When you’re done, you will be able to unlock further new areas with more game modes. Pogo Phlinx II free game proudly to brings you unforgettable adventures.

How to play

Use the mouse to click and interact with objects in the game.

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