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About Pogo Mahjong Escape

Pogo Mahjong Escape is one of the most well-liked single player games with lots of amazing challenges waiting for you to unlock ahead. Travel throughout new lands and discover secrets hidden behind various dynasties and empires your way. More importantly, it is about a journey unblocked in which you need to complete stages as soon as possible to become the winner.

Mahjong Escape is a great puzzle title that you are required to solve by getting of tiles, layouts before you run out of time. It is easy to progress or open up the next location if you deploy power-ups promptly! Especially, you can obtain Badges once you are successful in finishing special Dynasty levels which are randomly generated across the adventure. Each square in Pogo Mahjong Escape game online will bring you to another interesting trip. You can return whenever to reset your record. Of course, scores, timer, and stars that you conquer will represent your effort. Attempt to act wisely if you want to gain the best point and rule the ranking! Experience and see if how long you will approach the final period! Similar to the original, always remember to search for available pairs of the identical pieces! Good luck!

How To Play

Remove tiles by using the left mouse

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