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About Pogo High Stakes Pool

With Pogo High Stakes Pool free multiplayer game online, you will meet new friends and play against them for a lot of fun. High Stakes Pool is one of the best wonderful Sports games from Pogo games online series with an Arcade style. The game brings you a chance to practice your pool-playing skill as well. You can join 8-ball, 9-ball or Cutthroat pocket billiards with many friends. In addition to this, you may have an opportunity to win tokens as well as real cash jackpots. You start using the Cue Ball to shoot target balls in the pockets without any mistakes. Each time you succeed, some tokens will be given to you and you can shoot the balls again. Stay alert to the bonus ball as when you sink it, you will score big tokens. Also, more additional bonuses will be awarded to you if you shoot the bonus ball into the bonus pocket. During the game, don’t forget to chat with your friends – which is a great feature in this Pogo pool game. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim then shoot the target balls into the pockets for tokens.

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