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Need more Pogo Card games to master? No more worries because Pogo Hearts is finally here promising to keep you entertained for hours. Pogo Hearts is a free multiplayer card game from Pogo games online series. You can play it anytime you want and test your card-playing skill through diverse challenges. The main aim of this classic card java game of Hearts is to decrease your score by selecting the least amount of heart suited cards possible. You have to pass all undesired cards for winning tricks. The hearts will be broken when a person plays as a heart or the Queen of Spades. You can think about shooting the moon, add points to the score of other players or even decrease your own one. Shooting the Sun is another strategy you can use, but it will be harder than shooting the moon. You have to take each card in the deck, increase points of other players or even subtract your own one. Will you become the winner? Good luck!

How to play

Click and choose the cards in the game using the mouse.

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