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Pogo Bowl is inspired by a popular sport. Play the new flash game with new friends and complete every multiplayer match with the highest score! It is easy to learn and master the rules of the upcoming challenge. Just set the appropriate power and aim carefully before you roll the ball. More importantly, you are recommended to hit and cause the target items to fall all.

Pogo Bowl unblocked online owns realistic gameplay and retro graphics along with lots of difficulty levels so you can enjoy it for hours. It offers a simple but super fun interface to make your shots. You can start by moving the mouse buttons to the left or right to choose the best position your tool. After you locate it at the spot in Bowl that you want, you can click on it to adjust the power by dragging the left mouse down or up into the lane. When everything is prepared well, you will release and follow the result. Aside from joining alone, you can compete with up to 20 players. Try to earn bonus points by using a strike during any given frame! Besides, you will gain extra tokens after you knock down a special pin. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and release the ball

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