Onet Connect Classic

About Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic has basic gameplay and easy to play. This is also a kind of puzzle game which also helps you to keep your eyes sharper and make your move faster. Now, you can open it, and see how this game can help you.

This Onet Connect Classic unblocked is in the type of HTML5 game and also a Pogo game online. You will have cute graphics which show cute animals, fruits, and sweetie things. You have to find two similar pictures to match it together and then make it free. The line matches each other is needs to straight and does not cross by any other pictures. When it has more space, you can match the longer line and discover more space for animals. The more couple you match, the more animal is set free and indulges in the peace itself. You can easily open and enjoy it on Web Browser, both desktop, and phone.

How to play

You hold your left mouse to choose the animal, fruits, or sweetie things and then continue to choose similar things to match them to each other. It will disappear and make the board have more space so If you can make it all clear, you will receive a bonus and move to the next level.

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