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About Om Nom: Run

Run and collect bonuses in the fast-paced stages of Om Nom Run unblocked. Hundreds of levels to enter and earn points to climb the most prestigious online leaderboards.

This is one of the best Power Up free games to test your speed on the tracks. The endless running gameplay that once caused a stir in the worldwide gaming community and now it’s back with a new look. You will play a lovely character and accompany him in the running levels. There are many obstacles along the way and you will stop if you touch them once. There are not many lives for you to continue playing after each foul. So this is a challenging experience only for the fastest and most responsive gamers.

Play Om Nom Run free online and you can feel the speed in your fingers. Because you just need to click the keys on the keyboard to control the character to overcome the obstacles. The game speed is quite fast for newbies, but you can reach after a few plays. Let the score speak for all your efforts and help you put your name on the leaderboard. There is nothing better than facing thousands of other players around the world!

How to play

Click the arrow keys to move the character left, right and jump over the obstacles

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