Noob Vs Evil Granny

About Noob Vs Evil Granny

Noob Vs Evil Granny zombies game is a horror story of a boy. The undead has kidnapped his girlfriend and he has to save her from those monsters as soon as possible.

Noob Vs Evil Granny is a scary game full of zombies

You are a person living in the city and you visit the outskirt after you got a secret letter. Besides, like many free online escape games, you must solve your problem. Actually, it’s useful before you flee from the place. And, the playfield is an abandoned house.

Since Noob Vs Evil Granny is an adventure shooting game, it’s necessary to equip before fighting!

Play Noob Vs Evil Granny online on browsers the main character has a gun and ammo with grenades. In other words, it promises to be an extreme battle. Aside from that, remember to pick up objects and utilize available skills to defend your player!

Noob Vs Evil Granny is finally a survival game. In that house, you should act in a careful way if you want to unravel secrets, rescue the girl, and win. Additionally, reload your gun and throw explosives properly.

How to play

  • Roam with WASD keys
  • Look around the house with the mouse
  • Collect on-floor items with F
  • Move faster with Left-Shift
  • Shoot zombies with Left Mouse
  • Aim before shooting with Right Mouse
  • Reload the weapon with R
  • Select another tool by scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Throw your grenade with G
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