Ninja Rabbit

About Ninja Rabbit

Play Ninja Rabbit free online and use up your ninja skills to overcome traps for survival. It’s an adventure full of challenges. Can you win it in the shortest time?

Ninja Rabbit Cartoon is a fight against kidnappers

It’s similar to any Ninja Pogo game due to an interesting story. Actually, a monster has kidnapped kids in the town. Now, you are the hero that everybody selects to save them. As a result, you have to destroy that scary creature before you rescue its victims.

Become a Ninja Rabbit and play the new game free online your way

In Ninja Rabbit Cartoon, there will be plenty of dungeons. Therefore, the number of monsters will increase. Thus, you should prepare for an intense match coming. Aside from that, it’s important to keep your character safe from traps.

In addition to that, it’s useful for you to gather carrots while moving. Besides, remember to search for the hard surfaces before swinging with the rope! And, you can move further.

Ninja Rabbit is a game like Cat Ninja game. But, you will save kids instead of the world. Good luck!

How to play

Left-click to throw the rope and move the rabbit.

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