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About Ninja Escape

Play Ninja Escape action game as a ninja and you will take part in a survival race by yourself. To reach the goal area and win, you must dodge every obstacle first.

Ninja Escape is an unblocked game with a nonstop running

In the Ninja 3D game that you are going to discover, you will have to complete every challenge alone. But, you should remember that somebody is chasing you. Thus, you need to head to the safest place quickly.

Ninja Escape is a challenging 3D Ninja game

Ninja Escape unblocked is a game with countless dangerous objects. Therefore, you will lose and restart if you bump into one of them. Finally, you should perform abilities such as jumping, sliding, etc. to overcome them.

Moreover, you can unlock newer characters and other skills when you finish stages. In addition to that, they are great for you to end every level in a better way.

Ninja Escape is a game that is available to explore with plenty of traps. Can you beat the entire difficulty and conquer the list of upgrades soon?

How to play

Select the arrow keys to jump, slide, and steer to the left or right.

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