Ninja Clash Heroes

About Ninja Clash Heroes

Ninja Clash Heroes is an action game with special gameplay. You are a ninja and you control a gun in the current battle. Try to clear the opposite team and survive!

Play Ninja Clash Heroes Pogo against lots of enemies online on browsers

At the moment, you will not utilize any swords or weapons that other ninjas often have. In this Ninja shooting game, you will have to go with a gun and shoot down as many rivals as possible. Also, it’s a good way for you to survive.

Pogo Ninja Clash Heroes unblocked game will take place in an enchanting Japanese garden

In general, it is the major scene of the match that you’re going to join. Thus, once you play Ninja Clash Heroes online on browsers, you must defend yourself from every opponent always. Otherwise, they can eliminate you at any time.

In summary, Ninja Clash Heroes unblocked html5 is a game with a great gunfight. It’s time you command a Yakuza gang and interact with 4 heroes including Tank, Sniper, Rocket, and Ninja! Additionally, you should remove every challenger on your way. Finally, it’s essential to stay alive!

How to play

  • Arrow keys or W-A-S-D keys to roam around the garden
  • Left-click to shoot down the foes
  • G to launch a grenade
  • C to crouch and avoid
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