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About Nick Basketball Stars

Nick Basketball Stars unblocked will help you redefine the game of basketball again. It offers funny basketball tournaments where you can show off your dunk ability.

What do you think about online sports games, especially basketball? Of course, it’s super fun and easy to play, so it’s extremely popular with gamers. This game too, it is a great playground for you to participate in the epic basketball tournament and meet funny cartoon characters as your opponents.

In the game, you need to control your character to perform basic movements. That is running, catching, passing, throwing the ball and slamming the basket. Do it flexibly and skillfully to score points for your team. With successful dunks, you will score a point and have a chance to win if you surpass your opponent’s score.

The playing field was a standard basketball court with hundreds of spectators in attendance. You can rock the stands with amazing pitches and dunks. Your opponents always prevent you from doing that, but you have many tricks to eliminate them. Moreover, some special skills can help you quickly complete a dunk.

In Pogo sports games, entertainment is the most important factor and this game is no exception. It does not require you to follow all the rules of basketball, but simply to have fun and relax. So feel free to show off your moves and score points. Jump, dunk and do crazy things as long as you win!

Besides, Nick Basketball Stars cartoon also brings joy from the design style. It brings funny cartoon images here and delights gamers with funny expressions. Moreover, music will always accompany you to feel relaxed all the time.

How to play

Move athlete with arrow keys, press Space to attack.

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