About MineClone

MineClone unblocked is a simple version of the Minecraft game. Here you can build anything like houses, towers, fields and more, but it is simple to play with clicks.

If you love building, this is your chance to get creative with blocks as you play MineClone online. Although it doesn’t have as many features as Minecraft, it is enough for you to build anything. From small to large projects, anything is possible as long as you are patient enough. Lots of tools and models available to build according to your pattern or imagination. You can even create a castle or an entertainment center. Space is limitless to place anything in your area.

Minecraft games online can make you happy with the big world, but this game is equally good. Besides, you can play it online at any time without downloading and without paying any fees. Your constructions can change the world of minecraft and limit your thinking. Just click your mouse and keyboard keys to create, build, and explore every nook and cranny in MineClone!

How to play

Click WASD to move, left click to build, right click to remove, “Space” to jump and “scroll” to change tools

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