Mahjongg Dimensions

About Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions has the same gameplay interface as a cube. However, the gameplay is completely different from others. Therefore, you are not afraid of brain hacking or boring.

In Mahjongg Dimensions unblocked, each rubik tile will be printed with a different shape. And among them there are many similar pictures next to or apart. Your task to complete HTML5 games is to click on the 2 appropriate unblocking boxes to delete them. Unblock cells are cells with space to move left or right. This cube is 3D rotated. Therefore, you can rotate it as you need to find more cells. When you feel Mahjong 3D is too difficult, use the shuffle button to change the position of the cells. However, this button can only be used once per level, so it must be considered before using. To move to the next level, you need to match all the cells at the current level. You will have 350 seconds to play Mahjongg Dimensions full screen. So try to move fast, win a lot of points to become the winner.

How to play

You use the left mouse button to perform all the operations.

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