Magic Towers Solitaire

About Magic Towers Solitaire

Magic Towers Solitaire is similar to a popular Pogo Solitaire game. In the new challenge, you will win if you are able to make as many castles appear as possible.

Play Magic Towers Solitaire card game in a comfortable way

Well, it is a special html5 puzzle game where you experience it with cards. In addition to that, you can take part in plenty of rounds. Not only that, you should conquer these rounds with the top score. Further, don’t use up the time bonus!

Magic Towers Solitaire full-screen is a good game with an amusing style to play online

So, after you press the button, you will move to a beautiful place. Furthermore, you will have to interact with the next card that is lower or higher in sequence. Moreover, it’s easy to choose the Wild Card whenever. When you reach a certain point, you will open a castle.

Magic Towers Solitaire full screen play online is a game with many entertaining features. Can you remove every card in peaks and gain the best score? Let’s explore the rule and finish rounds right now!

How to play

Select the mouse button to play cards on the screen.

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