About Lumeno

Coming to Lumeno, you will immerse in the fun atmosphere of interesting colourful balls. This simple game will definitely help you to get rid of the fatigue of the day. Check it out!

Pogo games online is a collection of green, purple, blue, red or orange balls in the tree positions. Your mission is to drag a path through the balls next to each other so that we are lost. Try to pull at least 3 balls at a time or as many as you can. In random Lumeno unblocked will have special shadows and we match all the colors of the ball. Hence, you will match them yourself with any color. Please delete Boss Ball to upgrade. Remember, before dragging, do not forget to look up and down, look up, look left, right or cut across so that no ball is left out. You can play Lumeno online anywhere and anytime. Please join your friends for more fun.

How to play

You use the left mouse button to perform the operations

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