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About Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero Game is a skill game. This is a dog-eat-dog world, no place for Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy, you will have to fight for your greatest glory and to win this game. And of course, you will have to knock your opponents out of your way to victory if it’s needed.

Ludo Hero unblocked is an exciting arena online game. You can play Ludo Hero online on your phone or your computer, fighting against a bot or real players, it is your choice to make. You can choose how many players and the bot that you want to challenge, too. The rule is like Horse Racing Chess, you will roll your die and if you get one or six, you can move your piece or drop one of your pieces out, also get another turn to roll your dice. Players will take turns to roll the dice to move the pieces.

You will continue to throw your dice and choose which one of your pieces that will get to move, until all of your pieces or other players’ pieces finish the lap and get to the center of the board. if your opponents block your way, kick them back home. And what is more convenient? If you are busy, autoplay is there to help, they will roll the dice and move your pieces for you, so no one will have to wait. You can go and finish what you need to do and go back to the game later. It is fun and exciting games that can help everyone relax after one hard-working day. If you are a fan of Horse Racing Chess ( or Sea-Horse Chess/ Sea-Horse Flag), you will love this game.

How to play

You can roll your die and pick which piece that gets to move by using your mouse.

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