Jewel Shuffle

About Jewel Shuffle

The Jewel Shuffle has beautiful gems and fun position swapping challenges. The game is not a fierce match, nor is it a race against time. Therefore, you will be very comfortable to join.

Your goal in Jewel Shuffle unblocked is to score as many points by swapping gems as possible. You just need to swap 2 gems next to each other in the desired direction. However, you still have to make sure there are 3 gems of the same color vertically or horizontally for them to disappear. After that, the other stones were dropped. And you keep doing the same thing again. Just keep acting like that until you reach the required number of points, a new level will open. This level is also the gameplay style of Pogo HTML5 game but the difficulty level will increase significantly. However, free online match 3 games are more interesting later on. Therefore, please play the excellent Jewel Shuffle for free to reach the higher level.

How to play

You use the right mouse button to move the jewel.

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