Infiltrating the Airship

About Infiltrating the Airship

Infiltrating the Airship is another awesome escape game online. First of all, sneak into a very big ship and search for the wicked Henry your way as fast as you can.

Infiltrating the Airship is an unblocked stickman game with many goals

The protagonist inside Infiltrating the Airship no flash needs your help to finish every target in the shortest time. Meanwhile, you should note that there are plenty of different options. And, they can affect your progression.

Beat Infiltrating the Airship game with no flash in a careful way

When you play Infiltrating the Airship online on browsers, you’d better perform your thinking skill to conquer goals swiftly. Additionally, each option that you pick in this adventure will allow you to unlock the next stage. However, you can start again if you opt for the wrong answer.

Infiltrating the Airship game free online supplies various objects to use. Besides, it contains several humorous cutscenes. Now, it’s easy to connect to the match and discover your job! It’s feasible to skip the story or follow the entire before joining the actual battle. Good luck!

How to play

Interact with every object on the ship by using the mouse button

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