Idle Hypermart Empire

About Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire is a new Pogo html5 game about management. You are the manager and you should guide every worker so they can produce and sell goods for cash.

Play Idle Hypermart Empire game free online and run a hypermart

Join Idle Hypermart Empire game you will start off with only 3 employees. After that, you should click on these people properly so they can begin to work. Then, they will help you earn cash.

Not only that, the cash is useful to unlock and allow you to purchase upgrades for the floors. It means that you are upgrading your own hypermart. Additionally, you can make the elevator with the warehouse better.

Idle Hypermart Empire is not a normal idle simulation game

Generally, it is a game field with nice-looking graphics. Moreover, it’s pretty friendly to interact with everything and everybody. Besides, it’s very easy to learn the rule. Especially, it contains a lot of exciting upgrades to build up an empire.

Shall you play Idle Hypermart Empire online and complete the target of the game soon? Good luck!

How to play

Take control of workers and buy upgrades with your mouse button.

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