Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls

About Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls

Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls is one of the top Pogo Cartoon HTML5 games unblocked. Choose Dipper or Mabel to control and help them wipe out wicked creatures and their minions in the shortest time. The main aim is to prevent them from destroying your land. Enter dark dungeons and fight against multiple enemies at once your way! It’s pretty easy to overcome initial levels. However, normal attacks cannot remove stronger monsters within stages later. Play Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls online for free you should know and master your moves to create combos! Try to unleash the most critical hits at the target accurately! It’s exciting to knock up and throw them into the mid-air or slam the rival on the floor! You are recommended to chain skills properly to build up killstreaks as you desire. Are you ready to participate in the story and turn into the hero to save your world? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse button to move and attack

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