Fruit Ninja

About Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja free play online is an arcade game where slashing and avoiding are the two activities that you should perform. It has many exciting levels to try out.

Fruit Ninja is a unique Ninja game online

The enemy that players in Fruit Ninja unblocked must destroy are fruits instead of human characters. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for you to remove them. However, there will be bombs and they will make your challenge become harder.

Score in Fruit Ninja game html5 and level up

There are various stages in your Ninja game online. Additionally, each of them goes with a different target. Thus, you should slice fruits carefully. Especially, don’t do that with bombs or you must restart.

Note! These dangerous objects can appear randomly on the screen. And, it’s necessary for you to focus on your task always. But, in some cases, it’s really difficult to evade them.

Fruit Ninja is an addictive game as well as an exciting role. Are you ready to finish every stage in the present room and win the best score? Just slice the watermelon and you can hop into the first level.

How to play

Click and drag Left Mouse to cut fruits.

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