Fist Punch 2

About Fist Punch 2

Fist Punch 2 is a great Pogo two-player game. It is about the match between some popular Cartoon guys. Who shall be the most powerful character in the showbiz? Just take part in the challenge to find out the answer!

Choose the hero you want to embark on Fist Punch 2 unblocked, Mordecai or Rigby! After that, you can connect to the battlefield. In which, you will have to defeat the opponent before you run out of energy to become the winner. It’s possible to use legs and fists when playing Fist Punch 2 free online! These moves should help you knock down the target first. Similar to Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls, combining skills at a time such as punches or kicks will allow you to build up combos. They are really great to make the opposite competitor fall down. For the challenger using weapons like a French bread stick, you can loot it when its owner is eliminated. Besides, it’s feasible to find food and eat to regain HP! Try to avoid starving and survive until the round ends!

How to play

Player 1: Arrows to walk, K to jump, L to hit and collect objects
Player 2: WASD keys to go, G to jump, F to attack and gather items

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