Eternal Road

About Eternal Road

Play Eternal Road free online on browsers and try your best to search for the camp of survivors as soon as possible. Also, defend your character from all zombies!

A new battle in Eternal Road PC after the zombie apocalypse

It has been the third month since the terrifying zombie apocalypse. And now, your mission is to look for all of the people who remain alive. So, they will be important characters that can rebuild the city together with you.

But, you are facing a lot of zombies in this adventure 3d game as well. Therefore, it’s necessary to clear them or you cannot reach the survivors’ camp. In addition to that, it’s impossible to continue your story safely.

Fight in Eternal Road and stay alive in your adventure 3D game to win

You should equip your player in Eternal Road unblocked or you can use your fists to defend against the walking dead. So, remember to pick up first aid kits and reload your weapons!

Eternal Road PC is open for you to experience. Get ready to hop into the newest journey and finish it as fast as possible!

How to play

  • Arrow keys or WASD keys to wander around the game field
  • Spacebar to hop
  • C to crouch
  • E to interact with something
  • Q to control the first aid kit
  • V to use the armor
  • Click Left Mouse to shoot at the zombies
  • R to reload your gun
  • Right mouse to aim at the undead
  • 1-4 to choose other weapons
  • Tab to come back to the main menu.
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