Endless Truck

About Endless Truck

Endless Truck is a game that will show you an interesting road, with your own truck and control it to make the money, come through the loops, and make viewers have to yell at your wonderful performance. Let open this game and show to people your skills.

Endless Truck is one of the Pogo HTML5 and also racing games. You will try to move as far as you can, try to collect the money. then, you can upgrade your truck with the cash you earn from the game, to make it faster and more convenient. Moreover, you also need to keep the fuel for your truck moving. If you run out of fuel, your truck will be broke down and you will lose this Endless Truck unblocked game at the same time.

If you play a good road, you also get the bonus score and golds to make you richer. You also need to balance your truck to keep not falling when you get over a decline. And when you perform a beautiful landing, the game will boost you with a huge speed and more bonus cash.

How to play

Tab the spacebar to jump over the obstacles. Press the left or right arrow on the keyboard to keep the truck balanced to make the perfect landing.

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