Diamonds Rush

About Diamonds Rush

Maybe you played this kind of Diamond Rush unblocked game very much when you were a child. In this game, you need to find and match 3 or more diamonds together and make them vanish. Now, you can enjoy it more easy and come back to your chilldhood time with this memorable game.

Diamond Rush is an HTML5 game where you try to have a Pogo Match 3 times. You play this game with limited time and have to have quick eyes to match as much as you can. These matches will make these diamonds become special diamonds. These diamonds will bring extra points to players when it is matched or if you run out of time but it still exists in the board game. With the graphics so familiar, this game will make you want to try it again and again. It will help you practice your sharp eyes, so let’s play it, and try to get the highest score you can. You can play this Diamond Rush game without flash on Web Browser, both mobile and desktop.

How to play

Using the the left mouse to choose the diamond you want to match. Then move it in the four ways: up, down, left, right by exchanging it to another next diamond, to make it match and get the score.

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