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Cut the Rope full free game is super fun puzzle game that you shouldn’t miss. It offers hundreds of levels of brain teasers for you to try and help the monster eat.

Are you looking for a mind puzzle game to test your ability? This is the experience for you, it is inspired by Om Nom Stories, the famous animated movie. The game has dozens challenges for you to play with Om Nom. In each level, you need to help it eat as many candies as possible.

Each level in this game will give you different challenges. So you’ll need to be flexible with your strategy to conquer them all and score points. You just need to click on the screen to cut the rope. But do it wisely so that the candy falls into the monster’s mouth and feed it delicious meals.

It sounds easy to play, but you will encounter many difficulties in this Pogo puzzle game. It requires your thoughtful calculation and judgment to take the right actions. Moreover, you need to collect all stars to become the best puzzle player in this game.

Besides the gameplay, the game will melt your heart with the super adorable actions of the monsters. He has a weird shape and a happy face. Besides, you will feel the joy during the game thanks to the music. So it’s not just a puzzle experience, but it’s also a great relaxing stuff.

If you love these, play Cut the Rope unblocked now here. You can unlock all puzzle level as long as you pass the levels with maximum number of stars. Don’t let Om Nom wait too long to enjoy the candies from the rope. If you want more challenge, you can continue to play Cut the Rope 2.

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