Crazy Cakes 2

Crazy Cakes 2 is an online Pogo game that is free for all. Remember to sign in! You will receive lots of perks after creating an account. So, play the new challenge you will have to give the pretty fairy a hand so she is able to serve up the best desserts! Like Crazy Cakes, it will be set in the kitchen of a local restaurant set in the midst of a forest. In which, you will see a lot of special customers. They visit your place to enjoy tasty food and you should fulfill their orders as fast as possible. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the list that they give you before supplying the right items! If you are tired, remember to drink potions! When you progress in Crazy Cakes 2 unblocked, you will obtain gold to purchase numerous interesting stuff and more. There are plenty of badges to gather, alongside other power-ups. It promises to be a great playfield to practice your management ability for sure!

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