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About Colorful City of Cards

Colorful City of Cards unblocked is a city building simulation game through cards. It is your chance to show your creativity to design your city with unique buildings.

This simple game doesn’t need you to calculate strategies or solve puzzles. Simply click on the cards on the screen to construct buildings, trees, grounds, people and more. But you need creativity to design things to your liking and bring out beauty. A city with tall buildings and bustling traffic, what do you think?

In the beginning, you won’t have it all at hand to design everything on your own. You only have a few building cards and you should choose your priority to build. After a while, you can accumulate bonuses to unlock access to new cards. In the shop, you can also purchase special cards to enrich your deck.

Each card is a construction and has a different price. You will need enough money if you want to use any card. It can be a card of tall buildings, low buildings, trees, birds, vehicles, people and dozens of others. All are important ingredients to shape your city and the rhythm of life in this world.

Every card in this Pogo HTML5 game comes to life when you place it on your city. You can see vehicles, people and birds moving, creating a real rhythm of life like the real world. Moreover, the card images are quite friendly and lovely, along with that, the music is also great to relax.

So, Colorful City of Cards is one of the best Pogo card games here. It allows you to build virtual cities without doing much. Click to build through the cards, it sounds like a simple and fun gameplay, doesn’t it?

How to play

Click on the cards to build your city.

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