Cat Ninja

About Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is an arcade game. In that playfield, you control a powerful character and move through a secret path underground to collect crystals and save the world.

Play like a Cat Ninja in the new Pogo Ninja game

Believe it or not, it is a fresh game. Further, it takes place in a dangerous world. In the Cat Ninja game, you will become a cat and you can move around areas at high speed. And, to rescue everybody and turn into the winner, you need to search for and break gems.

As a Cat Ninja, it’s necessary to show skills to beat obstacles in the game

As it happens, there are a lot of difficulties within your Pogo Ninja game. First of all, you should perform your jumping ability to climb up to a very high spot. Afterward, it’s possible for you to use your power to defeat other traps.

Besides, when you play Cat Ninja free online, you will have to manage your skills. Additionally, please launch them in time! Therefore, you can protect your life and conquer the ultimate goal. So, let’s discover the map and complete every stage!

How to play

Run and jump by hitting the arrow keys.

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