Bubbles Shooter

About Bubbles Shooter

Bubbles Shooter Game is a classic and easy yet still so exciting game. Your only jobs match the color of those beautiful bubbles to pop them before they move to fell on your head. You can shoot straight at the balls or adjust the angle so that the balls hit the wall and bounce back into difficult angles.

Bubbles Shooter unblocked is a shooting game online, you can play Bubbles Shooter online anytime you want by your phone or your computer. Bubbles Shooter online is an online game that helps you relax after a hard-working day. And the game can even brighten your day with colorful bubbles and exciting game mode. The game mode is not hard, you only need to move your arbalest and match the color of those bubbles you have with them to pop other bubbles. They gave you a random bubble, but have no worry, you can foresee your next bubble and plan them properly.

How to play

You can control your arbalest by using your mouse, left click, or right-click is for shooting.

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