Babel Tower

About Babel Tower

Babel Tower unblocked is a simple yet engaging building game you can play it online now. Quarrying, raw material processing, construction, trading and more, do you want to try?

Upgrade games are a great choice to relax and exercise your leadership. But it’s even better when you play Babel Tower online on browser. Here, you will become the commander to command the army units in construction missions. First, you need to mine the stone, then transport it to the kiln and finally use it to build a house. Of course, there are many other building models to build but you need more materials and manpower. Besides, you can upgrade the work stations to increase productivity, thereby shortening the completion process.

You don’t need to do anything but click on the screen to give commands. But the important thing for you is to make the decision to upgrade the work station or buy/sell materials. This is easy when you have a lot of money but difficult to decide when the economy is limited. Besides the gameplay, the game context is also quite simple and so is the game operation. Therefore, it will be suitable to play on phones, tablets or many other devices as long as there is an Internet connection.

How to play

Simply click on the workstation

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