3 Pandas

About 3 Pandas

3 Pandas game is a challenging story of three pandas of different sizes. Some bad pirates have captured them and they need your helping hand to flee from the ship.

3 Pandas game is actually a dangerous journey

Generally, the adventure of characters in this kids game online will not only revolve around the kidnap. In other words, you will take part in other stages together with them when you have assisted them to run away from pirates.

3 Pandas is a game not easy to control

Literally, you will have to move all pandas if you play 3 Pandas free online. And, each of them owns a unique skill. Not only that, their skill is helpful for other brothers. Thus, you should consider that before choosing them.

More importantly, it’s necessary to evade traps. Believe it or not, avoiding obstacles will allow your buddies to survive. Then, you can take them home after they get out of the jungle.

3 Pandas is just the first part of the 3 pandas games series. So, you should follow the series to discover newer adventures.

How to play

Click on pandas and items to move and control.

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